Mobile Surveillance Technology

We manufacture and rent mobile surveillance technology and cloud-based software for remote monitoring and technical protection of construction sites and other locations. We offer cooperation to small and large security service providers.

Universal Deployment

The EyeTowers devices are manufactured in several versions to be able to cover most of our clients' requirements. They are designed for deployment on large, medium and small scale buildings and locations.

Unlimited applications - transport sector, construction, sports and cultural events, production and storage sites, landfills, mines, orchards and pastures, ...

Software and Connectivity

Possibility of remote monitoring by any central security console (NAM, RADOM, SIMS, ...) or city police consoles.

The software superstructure allows control, data storage, remote supervision and monitoring.

The open platform offers a wide range of possibilities for integration into existing security solutions.

Complex Services

Long and short term rentals include a complete service from on-site equipment delivery, on-site service and support, 24/7 hotline, software to centrally manage all towers, to equipment removal at the end.


  • Cost of physical security
  • Construction costs
  • Likelihood of disruption
  • Frequency of physical inspections
  • Time to complete the construction
  • Environmental load


  • Level of security
  • Work efficiency
  • Site safety
  • Work quality
  • Revenue


  • Overview and control
  • Data for the construction diary
  • Prestige
  • Time


We work with both major and minor infrastructure, office space, and housing building companies and developers, but also with municipalities and public event organizers.


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