autonomous surveillance technologies


Each EYETOWER is equipped with several cameras, sensors and detectors mounted on a telescopic mast. It's powered by high capacity batteries, solar panel and its own power generator. You can choose from components and parameters that will be most relevant and effective for your particular intension.


The device is an ideal solution for places where there is insufficient connectivity or infrastructure and there is no possibility to use static security systems. EYETOWERS offer possibility of remote surveillance by any security monitoring service or municipal police facilities. All communication is transmitted via a backed-up LTE mobile connection. The software extension enables control, data storage, remote supervision and monitoring. All controlled by a single user interface, even from your mobile phone. Servers run in a certified data center. The open platform offers a wide range of options for integration into your existing security solutions.


Eyetowers work reliably. The hardware contains components of high quality made by renowned European manufacturers that guarantee a long-term durability and easily accessible service. Along with the device you will receive complete care, including delivery and service of the device, and operated software extension. In case of rental, besides delivery we will arrange refueling and regular maintenance.



  • 3x Full HD static camera
  • 1x Full HD PTZ camera
  • remote surveillance software with camera control
  • video verification of alarms
  • detection of motion, license plates, objects, etc. 
  • live web streaming 
  • time-lapse video


  • 4x PIR detector with a range of 30 m or more 
  • magnetic contacts and shock detectors against sabotage 
  • communicator for connection to the security monitoring service 
  • remote activation/deactivation by remote control or mobile application


  • base without extended legs 150x120x100 cm
  • base with extended legs 150x350x180 cm 
  • mast height 7.5 m, 9 m and 12 m  
  • weight approx. 950 kg 
  • variant without own trailer (transport by any ordinary trailer and/or forklift) 
  • adjustable height locking of the tower 
  • inclination compensation of + - 15


  • GPS device for Eyetower position tracking
  • geofence, alarm messages 
  • web application 


  • 1x 4,5 kW generator 230V with automatic start, 30-litres fuel tank
  • 4x 150 Ah battery, autonomous operation without generator for up to 48 hours 
  • possibility of operation on local power supply 230V 


  • LTE
  • WiFi
  • SMS
  • encrypted VPN tunnel


The complete set can be customized according to your specific ideas and requirements. Add up to 32 wireless motion / shock / magnetic detectors, integrate an access / attendance system reader into the system, or choose a taller mast at a height of 9 or up to 12 meters. For an additional fee it is also possible to choose a variant with braked trailer including a registration documents. 



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